Pete The Penguin Virtual Pet

Friday, February 26, 2016


Last week at work I had to train someone. This was not the first time I had trained someone. While you are training someone you have to know how to break things down for them. I never thought that training someone to do dishes would be that difficult but it turned out to be way more difficult than it should have been. When they first got their I showed them how to work the washer and how to fill up the sinks. After that I  showed him around the bar and basement. After that I took him back into the kitchen and we started working on our own. He asked a lot of questions, which was fine but I do not think he was really getting the concept down. As the night went on he seemed to get the hang of it a little more. By the time we clocked out it was around 12 and I was ready to go home. All in all it was not a bad night.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

daily routine at Andrew's

When I first get to work I clock in.After that I check to see if I need to shake towels.If I have to shake towels then I go outside with a cookie sheet and after I shake the towel I lay it on the cookie sheet. I continue to do this until all of the towels have been shook. If I do not have to deal with towels then I go over to the hand washing area and start washing out the sinks to fill them up. After I fill the three hand washing sinks up I put the cooking dishes in there to soak. Next I go to the spray wash station and fill up the dish washer and run the plates and glasses through. After you get done washing all the dishes dry them and continue to wash dishes the rest of the night. When you start to close the kitchen you wash all of the silverware and glasses. After that you sweep, clock out, and you're done!