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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

working half a shift

Sometimes on my nights off I get called into work. This only happens when it is really busy. I usually go in around 8 and start working. It isn't too bad only working half a sift because the resturaunt is usually starting to become slower and close for the evening. So instead of having to deal with the rush of the evening, I get to go in and kind of relax and just work with someone else. When I get there they are usually getting ready to shut down the oven. Sometimes if I am lucky there will be leftover food and desserts. Cleaning up does not take too much time since there are two - three people still in the kitchen cleaning up. At the end of the night I go and talk to Andy and Patrick. Then I go home.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

pharmaceutical dinners

When I go into work for pharmaceutical dinners I do not have to go in till 5. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to working these dinners. The good things is that you get all of the leftover food and its always amazing and I can paid to munch out so that is always a positive thing. The other good thing about these dinners is that I get an extra day to work so that means more money on pay day. The bad things about working these dinners is that you have anywhere from 30-50 people all at once. The number of people does not start to get overwhelming until there are 45+ people there to eat all at once. Another downside to these dinners is that the speaker can take a very long time to speak and we are usually waiting on them to get done speaking so we can serve the desserts. Those are the worst two things about dinners though. We usually get out around 10:30 - 11. I usually do not end up leaving until 11:30 or later because I usually get stuck talking to a bunch of doctors after I get of out work.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Saturday night

    When I went into work Saturday I was automatically rushed with things to do. Right after I clocked in I got to work. Usually we do not have people come in until around 6 but today people had reservations for 5:30. As I was beginning to set everything up I heard RJ say that someone was pulling in. This made mad kayos everywhere. After we got the early reservations seated another car pulled in, and one after that. This continued to happen all throughout the night and every time I turned around it seemed like someone else was pulling in. Finally after we had gotten all of the people served it was time to start slowly wrapping things up. By the time I started to mop and sweep it was approaching midnight. I ended up clocking out right before midnight and went into the sitting room and talking to Mrs. Patrick and Andy for about an hour. After that I went home and went to bed.