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Monday, April 11, 2016

Friday Night's

As soon as school gets out, I go home and get ready for work and then I leave my house around 4:20 and get to work a couple minutes before 4:30. I like working Friday's better than Saturday's because I am usually still motivated after school, Saturday I just sleep all day and then I have to wake up and go to work and it just sucks. When I go into work I clock in, like normal and start working. Friday's are usually the average busy night so they are not that bad. The average time I get out is probably around 11. Between 4:30 and 11 is usually mass chaos and everyone is rushed the entire time. After a while you get used to everyone stressing out and screaming and it does not even phase me anymore. I am usually not even in the screaming matches but it is entertaining to just sit back and watch everyone freak out for a while. Then it gets kind of scary because you realize your night is going to turn into hell. Anyways that is how Friday nights are. :)

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